Enchanting eloquence, fearless work ethic and outright vocal finesse – artist and songwriter Chicago native Nikki Hayes has carved out an unrivalled sound and presence within modern RnB.Noting strong nineties influences, inspired by Beyonce and Stevie Wonder as much so as Toni Braxton – who re-posted Nikki’s cover of her hit song “You’re Making Me High” – Nikki’s presence within the current scene is unquestionable. From Studio One Dance Chicago at just six years of age, to working with Grammy Winning artists and producers, Nikki’s passion has always been to sing. While her ability initially fell short in the shadow of her sisters, determination never faltered, and after years of practicing in the basement of her family home, the young singer was finally accepted into the iconic Walt Whitman and The Soul Children of Chicago. Hard work and self-belief have paved the way ever since, and in 2013 Nikki landed a final-five spot in “Who’s Next? Worldwide Online Talent Search” – an endeavour sponsored by multi–Grammy Award-winning vocal producer and songwriter Kuk Harrell. In 2016 she released her debut solo single and went on to collaborate with several high-profile producers and musicians, including Grammy Award-winning artist Malik Yusef, of G.O.O.D. Music and Grammy nominated artist and producer Ye

Backed by a handful of critically acclaimed singles, beginning with 2016’s “Chance of Rain,” Nikki’s eclectic repertoire has earned a multitude of overwhelmingly positive mentions from blogs, radio stations, and the industry at large. In 2018 her acoustic R&B release “Move” was nominated for an Independent Music Award for Best R&B Song, before 2019’s “Stingray” showcased further dynamic in laying bare the intricacies of Nikki’s own story from an emotionally abusive relationship. The exotic and intimate single ‘Safe’ hit the scene in 2023, then in 2024, the stylistically nostalgic and boldly evocative single ‘Same One Different Face’ promised a whole new level of performative intoxication. Though her style consistently evolves, the depth and soulful delicacy of her voice remains unmistakable.

Nikki’s willingness to be vulnerable and impassioned has led to a rapidly expanding audience – fans devoted to the recognisable charm of Nikki’s sound both in the studio and on stage. Her professionalism at the helm has led to multiple noteworthy TV placements, with the hit single “Move” on CW-TV’s All American; ABC-TV’s For Life; and BET’s Sistas. Her track “Together” was the opening song on the pilot
episode of Tyler Perry's Sistas, as well as episodes of TNT’s Claws and OWN’s Kings of Napa. Nikki also co-authored the piece “Gift That Keeps on Giving,” placed on Fox NFL Kick-off for the Fox Sports Network. Currently based in Arizona, Nikki Hayes continues her humble yet noteworthy climb
as the soulful vocal powerhouse of a generation.

For additional information contact Sonya Gregory-Hayes; LNJ Entertainment; 773-547-4017, sonyagh@lnjentertainment.net 

One of the most impressive voices... I almost came out of my own skin.” - Roe Conn

— WGN Radio

...There hasn’t been an RnB or soul singer with something quite so unique and genuine for a while now. Of course you never know what that unique trait will be until you hear it, but this is it; without a doubt.” - Stereo Stickman
Hayes’ vocal performance is nothing short of enchanting. Her voice, both powerful and delicate, conveys a paradoxically beguiling sense of vulnerability and strength. The lyrics, which speak of finding safety in the arms of another in a chaotic world, are delivered with a sensuality and sincerity that is truly captivating.” - ANR Factory
“What makes Nikki special is the fact that her music comes from personal experiences and genuine emotions. “Gotta Go To Sleep” is a perfect example of what it means to balance intelligent songwriting and production, with incredibly appealing and smooth melodies.” ” - Elicit Magazine
“At the heart of every timeless ballad is a shared sense of vulnerability, and a willingness to let us into the artist’s inner sanctum. “It Will All Make Sense” unfolds like a personal diary entry, packed with intimacy, and further heightened by the immaculate production courtesy of Damian C and Farco. Blurring the lines between R&B and soul with a dash of contemporary, Nikki is well on her way to crafting a sound that highlights her individuality as an artist.”” - Bongmines Entertainment

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